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«This film will move your heart and soul with its message of redemption, salvation and forgiveness. It is a film that shines brightly with hope and it has great appeal for families. Every family should see this movie!»
– The Dove Organization

When Dr. Miller (Lee Majors) sends Dr. Drew Carter (Mel Fair) a new leukemia patient, Johnny (Jerry Phillips), who also is a foster child, the wheels start to turn and Drew sees a chance to heal his family. A D. David Morin Film. JOHNNY starring Musetta Vander, Mel Fair, Aubyn Cole, with Lee Majors and introducing Jerry Phillips as Johnny. WINNER OF 6 AWARDS!

Ronny R. Larsen

Author Ronny R. Larsen

Ronny R. Larsen er fra Kristiansand og ble kristen for noen år siden. Han er gift og har tre barn.

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